A Very Valis Christmas Part 3

The coast SHOULD be clear this year for the holidays…

A Very Valis Christmas Part 2

Ash and Santa are still surrounded by zombies… how will they make it out?

A Very Valis Christmas

YouTube link

With Christmas just a day away, Ash gets a surprise visit from an old friend, but all is not well at the North Pole…

Christmas 2010 – Santa Ash goes big for a change

An eternal question is answered.

I know, I know, it has been awhile since I’ve made a blog post but the folks at Valis have been slacking and yelping the excuse about work keeping them from servicing me but the holidays and that eternal question have forced their hand. heheheh

Enhanced Interrogations R Us – EIRUS

If torture has value then why not use it at home?

Gulf War Dance

Here is a music video I dug up from the archives. It was written back during Gulf War I.

Things change yet stay the same.


Sham Wow!

Remixing corporate weasels with Vince of ShamWow fame to an original track laid down by the Asphalt Potato Jam Band.  Can you dig it?

Hockey Night in Canada

Ahhhhh, the glory of Hockey!

“Control” Asphalt Potato Music

Here is some music recorded ‘live off of the floor’ a few years ago. Improvised of course!